#mmhk eDM Design 2015 Graphic Design

Deluxe Studio Typography Design
Deluxe Studio eDM Design0A914
Deluxe Studio eDM Design0A910
10th Anniversary Promotion Typography Design0A903
快樂全取 Typography Design
快樂全取 eDM Design
Grab them ALL Promotion Typography Design
Grab them ALL Promotion eDM Design
back to analog Typography Design
back to analog eDM Design
大愛逆光 Typography Design
大愛逆光 eDM Design0A892
Korea Pre-Wedding Trip Promotion Design
青春一刻 拍攝招募 Typography Design
青春一刻 拍攝招募 eDM Design0A890
Sakura Pre-Wedding Trip Typography Design0A891
Sakura Pre-Wedding Trip eDM Design0A918
Prague Pre-Wedding Trip eDM Design0A919
Korea Pre-Wedding Trip eDM Design0A920
Taiwan Pre-Wedding Trip eDM Design
Vivid August Typography Design
0A925Vivid August Summer Promotion eDM Design

#mmhk Branding

As Creative Director of #mmhk (My Memory Wedding Production) from 2013 to 2016, one of my first assignments was to redevelop the image of this brand.

My Memory Wedding production had an old-fashioned logo dated back to 2003, which was up for a revamp in 2013. My idea was to replace the original logo with a hashtag to make audiences a young and trendy impression when they got in touch with us at the first time.

As #mmhk is a wedding photography and design company, overall creative work for pop-up booths at wedding expos was also one of my major duties. I used irregular poster designs pinned on timber boards instead of simple graphic design on whole foam boards. The result was ornate booths that stood out from the crowd and captivates audiences’ attention.

In 2015, #mmhk’s office underwent a renovation project, and I was the person-in-charge for the interior design. I used black and white as the main colour scheme and built a cement wall embedded with rose-gold copper lettering and logo to segment the staff’s working area and the client meeting area. This Loft style is rare in the local wedding photography industry, but I believed that this style would conveys much more artistic brand image to potential customers.

12208640_1070350599676511_7765306270607965359_nProcessed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetWedding Expo Booth DesignBD02
Renovation ProjectIMG_4758Packaging IMG_4798IMG_4794IMG_4789IMG_4783Logo Design

DM Design

0A922#mmhk Booklet DesignDM_S1
Favour Wedding Booklet DesignDM_S6.jpg
#mmhk Booklet DesignDM_S2
Declaration Plus Wedding Expo Booklet DesignDM_S3
#mmhk Booklet DesignDM_S57000LIKES2
#mmhk Magazine AdvertDM_S4
#mmhk Booklet Design0A923
#mmhk Booklet Design (2014)