About Tabris


Tabris TSE

Tabris’ Bachelor of Design studies at Swinburne University of Technology laid a solid foundation for all his current design work, especially in graphic design, photography and video editing.

He trots the globe with film cameras and take photos for his travel & photography blog: www.tabristse.com/ifigoxxxnow

A sense of peace is embodied in his photography pieces. Besides landscape during travels, he is also an independent photographer and art director for portraits, wedding photos and commercial photography and is based in Hong Kong.

Tabris has been working at #mmhk as Creative Director in the past four years. Apart from heading the Creative Team to support the whole company’s creative needs, he is also the person-in-charge for authoring the content and managing the overall effectiveness of the company’s social media accounts and its website (www.mmhk.ooo).

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